Dear Comment Leaver from the Tampa, FL area…

…and other rude comment leavers,

First, aren’t IP addresses wonderful things? 

Second, did you REALLY think I was going to let your rude comment through?  I mean, when you give your name as R*Tard and your address as not.a.chance @ majoremailprovider, well, right there I’m pretty certain your comment’s chances of getting approved are very low.  Proceeding to tell me off about how you feel about how I feel about a word, throwing in some uninspired insults in there to boot – well, really, all your comment did was make baby bunnies cry for your stupidity and ignorance. 

So please, anyone thinking of leaving a rude anonymous comment, thinking your so clever with your made-up names and email addresses, know this – rude comments get deleted.  They get deleted faster if you’re tryng to be oh-so-clever-but-oh-so-not with your name and email address.

Because no one likes to see a bunny cry over your stupidity.


Please! Think of the bunny before you comment!