Palm Sunday, Irish style

As we went to Mass today, I realized something – I cannot remember what we did last year on Palm Sunday.  We were here.  I know that.  But we must have gotten to church late because I have no recollection of the palms.

In the states, we got…well…palms.  Here however, we got…evergreen branches.

Which, if you think about it, is kind of strange – as they have palm trees in Ireland.  Seriously, my neighbor has one.

However, I thought to myself “This could be a good thing.  The evergreen branches are shorter.  There’s less of a chance of getting smacked in the head with an evergreen branch!”

Well…probably.  Unless said branch is in the hands of Maura and shaped like a bird.

Maura’s branch flew all throughout Mass.  It fluttered, it swooped, it then bounced along the edge of the pew on its stem while babbling.  It even did the sign of peace.  It flew in my face, in Sean’s face, in neighboring pew sitter’s hair.  The woman in front of me had her own girl going “Mummy!  Where’s my angel branch?”  So she didn’t really bat an eye.

The woman behind us was even more understanding.  After Mass ended and Maura was doing her thing, Josh smiled and apologized for the branch in the face behavoir, and the woman brushed it off, said Maura was a lovely girl,  then said “It’s constant, isn’t it?”

We knew what she was referring to.  We said “Yes, it is.”

And she smiled, and I got the feeling she had more than an insight to our lives.  But there was no pity, just understanding and a smile.

And then Maura yelled for Miriam and flew her evergreen palm flying creature out of the church, along with the Mommy Branch that she swiped off me.