It’s always about the bathrooms

9 Apr

I swear, the one thing that keeps surprising me in this country is the different bathroom situations.  Finding them, fitting into them, realizing you’re showering with an electric box in the shower wtih you.

The other night, I had another first – the men/women’s room.

We were out at a restaurant, and of course, to find the toilet, you went up the stairs, and there was a door with this on it –


Now I assumed this meant that I’d open the door to reveal a long narrow hallway with the various restrooms off the hallway, which is what normally happens.

Instead, I walked into THE restroom.


Note how the stalls are individually marked for the male or the female?  The doors were full closure, for your privacy of course.  And thank God in Heaven, no urinals.  There were actually two stalls for the ladies, and only one for the menfolk.

I have to admit, I opened the door and took a step back.  A moment later, I got over myself and went into the free female stall.  And I will say that this?  Would have been SO useful when my boys were old enough to use the bathroom on their own, but I was hesitant to send them in on their own – or when Josh was out with tiny Miriam and she’d have to go potty.

Honestly?  I’ve dreamt of this kind of set up at home. Well, not this nice.  I imagined a line of stalls line in a school bathroom.  But this would be better.

Hey, we’re a family of six.  This is the sort of pipe dreams I have these days.

Anyway, if in Europe, don’t be alarmed if you walk into a bathroom like this.  It’s really quite alright.  And better than the unisex toilet Josh was in one day in France – and that one had urinals.



3 Responses to “It’s always about the bathrooms”

  1. ntouch2cher April 9, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    That IS kinda cool, isn’t it? I would like that when my grandson has to go…he is 7 and starting to NOT want Nana go in the ladies with him.

  2. bodi April 9, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

    Heh. I, too, dream of multiple bathrooms and/or toilets, my dear! Especially with three teenagers in the house, one being a highly-image conscious girl …

    We have two bathrooms here in the “starter mansion”, but some days, a third would be awesome!

  3. lexiemom April 15, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    I was surprised when I visited Europe for the first time several years ago that you had to pay for the bathrooms! I’m so used to them being free everywhere in the US, it never occurred to me there would be pay toilets. But when you gotta go, its worth the fine. I always wondered what Europeans did if they were in public, really needed to go and had no spare change.

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