Why we will never be rich

We’re out of bread.

We were out of bread this morning.  Josh sent the boy up to the little corner market to get more bread so they could make lunches.  The boy bought a full loaf of bread.  This morning.

I have to go buy more bread because that loaf?  Is all gone.

All I do is buy bread.  And milk.  And cereal. Then I buy more bread. And milk. And cereal. And oatmeal, cookies, clementines, yogurt, sausage rolls, red grapes, green grapes, berries, bananas, more bread, more eggs, more coffee to give me energy to go get more food.

The kids get up.  They eat.  They then have a snack.  Then they ask for lunch.  Then they have a snack while asking me what’s for dinner.  They inform me that we’re out of bread or milk then ask what’s for dinner.  Then someone will come along and ask, “What’s for dinner?”  I go to the store, I bring home groceries, someone asks “What’s for dinner?”

All they do is ask about food.

And then they eat it.

And then, I go buy more.

It’s a never-ending vicious circle.

I’ve told them to get jobs at restaurants or grocery stores, where they could get a discount on this food habit of theirs.  They think I’m kidding.

I’ve tried not buying food.  They just get hungry and hound me for more food.  Oh, and apparently “good mothers” feed their kids.


Someday, when they’re all grown, I’m going to go to their houses and eat all their cookies.  And then leave the empty package in the cabinet.  Then steal their bread and milk on my way out.

But for now, I’m just going to send a boy up to the store for more bread.