Random thoughts on a blustery day

So my friend has departed this early morning, heading back to her home.  We had fun, laughed a lot, saw some sights.  But now, it’s back to real life for me again.

Today has turned into an ugly day.  The weather has been odd the past couple of days – well, odd for what I know of Ireland.  Sunday, it rained and hailed on us as we walked to the train, and we barely made it into a Starbucks for hot cocoa and time to dry out a bit when it hailed again.  Yesterday, there was a clap of thunder, which brought Miriam’s class to a standstill as they all whipped their heads about to look out the window (even the teacher looked, which was impressive to Miriam.)  My friend asked if the dog – who I’d just let outside – was afraid of thunder.  I said I didn’t know – she’d never heard thunder before.

Of course, when I opened the back door, there was the dog, looking a bit skittish.  So I guess Zoey puppy doesn’t care for thunder.

But today is kind of ugly – blustery, raining, gale winds, risks of local flooding.  As I’m all sorts of out of form after this week, overtired and out of routine, I decided to hang out at home, light a fire, catch up on paperwork and such.  Maybe even do some laundry.  Not that it’s going to dry in this weather.

So I shall sit on my computer today, drinking warm drinks, probably more coffee, get caught up on life, collect the thoughts in my head and sort them out, be jealous of the puppy who is stretched out on the rug in front of the fireplace.  Smart puppy.