Thoughts on writing

Between the Easter holidays and my friend’s visit, I haven’t done much writing these past few weeks.  I’m finding myself itching to get back into it.

I will confess, right here and now, that part of my motivation to be published now, and do well…is so that someone will put a plaque outside the door of this house, stating how I once lived here. The Irish seem to like their writers (hello, James Joyce anyone?) and like to put plaques outside houses where now-famous people once lived.  That is now my goal.  A bronze plaque outside the door here.

The big question everyone asks is “What are you writing?”  I always seem to blow off the answer.  I don’t know why, I’m a bit sheepish about it all.  Heck, I forget that real people read my blog until someone makes a reference to it.  And then I’m a bit startled and surprised.

See how I’ve managed to avoid answering the question there?  That takes talent, I’m certain of it.

The answer is really whatever catches my whim at the moment.  I’ll start something, write away on it for a while, then it fizzles and I get a new idea that’s much more exiting than the one I’m now plodding through so work on that a bit, then that fizzles, and so I go back to the first one, rinse and repeat.  Meanwhile, nothing gets finished.  Just added to or edited.

(And this is where I hear my former therapist’s voice saying “Are you sure you don’t think you’re somewhat ADHD?”….)

I do lean towards two genres – I like a good love story, so will get distracted writing scenes about people who are first falling in love.  What I have found though is that I also like a good twist in a novel, so I’m trying to figure out how to combine love and twists.  That’s still sort of in the “all for fun” category.

Meanwhile, I think my true leanings are towards sort of young adult novels.  But the kind anyone can read.  I have always loved the Narnia stories, fairy tales, and adore the Harry Potter books on the basis of the creativity and imagination alone.  I’ve discovered Neil Gaiman and while everyone knows of “Coraline”, I really liked “The Graveyard Book” a lot.  I like stories that are sort of in their own time, their own world.  I’m a fan of Doctor Who and Warehouse 13 and those kinds of tv shows.  Basically, I like a world that is familiar enough to us but just slightly skewed, where magic and fairy tales and mystical things could actually happen.

So that’s what I’m attempting.  A story about a girl and a boy and a ghost and a villain and a twist (though I haven’t figured out the twist yet) set in a place that is a mash of Dublin and Edinburgh. With much more to come I’m sure because I haven’t fully plotted it out.

And that is that.  What I’m trying to attempt.  Meanwhile, another story is trying to cut in line and come forward, so I just jot down those bits on the side when I need a break.

I know that people think I should write some funny contemporary thing about life and family and a mother going mad.  I could.  But I’m so busy living that story right now, I need an escape.  And isn’t that what reading is all about, an escape from your reality?