A birthday, a story, and a song

Today, our second boy – the spare to our heir, better known as Josh’s Clone – turns 14. Sure, I’ve hit this milestone before with his brother doing the same thing two years ago. Doesn’t mean I’ve gotten used to it.

The night I went into labor with Sean, there were tornado warnings. Which should have been a sign about how things would be with this child. Collin was the textbook baby – if the book said a child should do this and then that, Collin did this, and then that. Sean didn’t know there was a book to follow. He’s been doing things his way since birth, but always with an easy-going demeanor.

While Collin was more hesitant, Sean flew into everything he could as a toddler. Sometimes literally, which would explain the three scars on his forehead by age 2.

One of my favorite stories about Sean as a toddler was when he was just over the age of two. We had a rocking airplane (think rocking horse in the shape of a Red Baron-esque bi-wing plane). Now most kids? Rocked on it. As one does. Sean however, tilted it up on its tail end, then climbed up and into the framework.

This is how we ended up with one of Sean’s first sentences. Which was “Help! I’m tuck! I’m tuck!”

This also lead to a phone call to Josh at work. “Honey, where’s an allen wrench?”


“Because I need to unscrew Sean from the airplane, and the screws take an allen wrench.”

I was nice – I did lay Sean down, propping him up on pillows while I made the phone call. And then I made note of where I put the allen wrench afterwards. Because sure enough, Sean did it again the next week.

He’s less likely to run into a wall these days, or get stuck in something. He’s actually mellowed out since his toddler days. But there are still times, when we’re out and exploring, I’ll look and he’s scurried up some rock. But his method of keeping me on my toes now is more psychological. Basically, the boy is too smart for my own good.

As for the song (hey, it is Monday) –

I’m certain I’ve posted this before, but I’ll do it again. It’s Great Big Sea’s “Walk on the Moon” – which Miriam and Sean have photo cameos in (they asked fans to send in photos of accomplishments – I sent in a few, and those two made the cut.) Sean is the rock climbing boy at 1:05 – and yes, I remember the day. We were at a festival, and there was a rock climbing column. Sean – who was about 7 at the time – wanted to try it. He made it straight to the top. We knew he would.