Only in Ireland

So I took the girl out shopping today. The girl who claims she’s bored by clothes shopping (boy did THAT get a look from her parents).

Anyhooey – we were in one store, one that will remain anonymous, and Miriam spotted an item. Stopped, got big eyed, maybe drooled a little. It was a hoodie with a US flag in the shape of a heart on the front. While looking for her size, Mim then found a t-shirt with a sparkly US flag on it.

Of course I got them for her. The whole trip was to spoil her every so slightly.

As we were checking out, I told the cashier how we *had* to buy these, and she laughed, asked if we were American, and then said how they only sold American flag shirts in their store.

And then she went into it a little further –

It wasn’t that they didn’t have any British flag shirts, they just weren’t put out. On purpose. There were boxes of British flag stuff in the storage room. “They don’t sell anyway.” the girl said. “No one will buy them.”

I had to laugh a little at it all, and explained to the cashier that my grandmother was Irish, so I understood the “why” behind it all.

And I’m glad they like us Americans enough to sell clothes with our flag on it.