Music Monday – Boy on Bridge preview

So once again, mentioning my love of the band Great Big Sea, and how one of the guys, Alan Doyle, is coming out with a solo record very soon (May 15th…wait, is that tomorrow? woohoo!)

Anyway, up on his site, there’s a lovely media player box with five of his new songs. I can honestly say, I love all five.  Usually with new albums, I’ll love three, like a couple, and have one that will always be skipped over.  But not here.  All five are fabulous in their own ways.  So I’m sharing.  And if you want, you can then order the album – released tomorrow.  And then roll down your car windows and blare these songs as you drive down a country road, within the speed limits of course.

So click right here, then go to the media player box, and perk up your Monday morning a little with some damn good music.