One somewhat sunny afternoon in Dublin…

Today, Maura got off the bus, all shades of happy and giggly.  Her backpack was heavy from the many many changes of clothes it contained thanks to toilet training at school (three days in a row with some success!)

As I emptied the backpack of one plastic bag after another, a scream came from the kitchen and a small dog came skulking out guiltily.

See, Zoey had been in the back yard.  Whenever Maura hears Zoey at the door, she’ll let her in. In her joy to see a child and with her natural exuberance, Zoey leapt all over Maura….and accidentally scratched her up across the belly.

Not being a dumb dog, Zoey realized she’d done a bad bad thing and ran for it guiltily.  I managed to calm Maura down with some booboo cream, a band aide and two bananas.

Then Miriam came home and I heard “AH!  AH!  Get DOWN!”

Obviously the dog has short term memory issues, having instantly forgotten how her jumping and leaping injured one girl already.

Now she’s circling Maura (after leaping at each boy as they walked through the door) as Maura stands there eating a sausage roll.  Circling…circling…flopping down to wait…

I guarantee, in an hour, this dog will have worn herself out with her excitement in having her kids back and crash out at someone’s feet.

Zoey with her kids, in a calmer moment

PS – Remember, I’m collecting money of all sorts for a fundraiser for Maura’s school – click here to read more about it!