Did you know…

…that this week is the first ever International Cri-du-Chat Syndrome Awareness Week?

Well, I didn’t either until another blogging mama reached out to me and asked if I wouldn’t mind spreading the word about it.

Funny enough, I am aware of Cri-du-Chat Syndrome.  I first read about it during my stints reading the rare diseases database, while searching for a diagnosis for Maura.  It stuck with me because of the descriptor, how babies with this syndrome sound like little mewing cats.  Let me tell you, in the world of genetic syndromes, that one stood out to me.

So when asked to spread the word about this syndrome, to bring some more awareness to it, I said “Yes please!”

To read more about it, you can either click on the links already provided, or one of these below –

Five P Minus Society


Many thanks for taking the time to learn about this syndrome!