To Maura, on her 9th birthday

You’re not all I expected you to be when you were born 9 years ago.  Instead, you are so much more than I could have ever imagined.

You’ve taught me things I didn’t know I needed to learn.  Reminded me to slow down, enjoy life, enjoy each moment.  You’ve helped me become a stronger person, a better person.  You show me how amazing your siblings are, and because of you, I don’t take anything your brothers and sister do for granted.

You’re a girl who refuses to be labeled or pigeon-holed.  You’re a girl who loves music, loves to dance, loves to smile and laugh.  As the Irish would say, you like good craic.  You are also full of independence and determination, to the point where we’ve given up thinking you can’t do something – because usually, you’ll prove us wrong.  At the very least, you’ll give it a shot.  You also have a temper and a stubborn streak to match any other female in the families, and a love of shoes and shopping that should be unholy for a girl who also loves sports so much.

But mostly, you’re just our girl.  You’ll always be our girl, hich is why I’m so grateful you are such a happy, music-loving, could spend hours on the beach kind of girl.

So happy birthday Maura!  Thank you for being you, and for loving the rest of us so unconditionally.

Little Maura, back when she was blondish


October 2010 – Maura with Penguin


Proving her awesomeness with a TARDIS shirt


Me, trying to knit and drink tea. Maura, deciding she needed to snuggle. Such is life with my long-legged girl.