Music Monday – Thieves in the Gallery

Sometimes I feel like I’m behind in music times, because things that come out in the States don’t always reach us over here until later.  So when I looked up this group, I was a bit surprised to find out they’re a local band.

Not only are they local, but in looking up different videos of them on YouTube…I’m pretty darn certain this is the group Maura always wanted to stop and watch when we’d be down on Grafton Street on the weekends last year.  It makes sense – I knew their name (The Riptide Movement) sounded familiar when I looked up the song.

Grafton Street is down in the heart of Dublin, near Temple Bar and the Liffey, the statue of Molly Malone at one end, St. Stephen’s Green on the other.  As the husband has heard – any musician worth his/her worth has spent time busking on Grafton.  Last Christmas Eve, Bono was even out there singing a song or two.

So at any time, you’ll find a musician or ten on Grafton Street.  Maybe it’s just a guy with a trumpet at 2 am, or it’s a woman dressed in retro clothing singing French tunes.  There’s classical Spanish guitars, two teenage boys with a guitar, an amp and a microphone.  And then you can have a whole band.

This band was one of them. They’ve paid their dues, and now they’re on the radio.   Good job guys, good job!

The song is “Thieves in the Gallery” by The Riptide Movement