I love ironic moments…

…like just now.  I’m at home, cleaning house, sun is shining, working on an iTunes playlist…

Start blaring one particular song – because it’s meant to be played loud.  Great Big Sea’s “Straight to Hell”.

Cue doorbell.

Actually, cue dog barking hysterically, so I shoo her out the back door, then answer the front door.  To find a lovely older man in a tweed coat who’d like to talk to me about God.

Who knew there were Jehovah’s Witnesses in Ireland?

So there I am, trying to plead my spiritual case with “No, really, we’re pretty Catholic here.” and “Yes, we do own several Bibles.”  I did not go all Eliza Doolittle on him with a “I’m a good girl I am!”  Nor did I state “I swear, I’m NOT a heathen!”

But he was a lovely man with a lovely accent, who nicely told me a few things about his faith, and then we chatted about the sunny weather,  wished each other a good day and he went on his way.  I’m not sure he bought the fact that I can be religious, and I don’t blame him.  Not with the lyrics floating out of my windows.

Ah well, it gave me a giggle.  And I’ve cursed in front of nuns before, so I’m going to hell anyway.


…this is the song…you’ll understand why I needed to play it loudly…