Sun, sea, and shining moons…

Okay, I’ll be honest, that wasn’t my first choice of titles.  It’s the most polite one though.

Today, in our quest to prepare better for the marathon we’re walking, my friend M. and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go walking outdoors.  I suggested Killiney Beach.

So we went out, and wandered down the beach and I taught her the fine art of spotting sea glass (which she picked up quickly, adding to my collection.)  We wandered far, met a man who pointed out which house was Enya’s and which one was Bono’s (unknowingly aiding me in my stalking, mwuahahaha)…then we started to head back.

I noticed a boat go by – a small one – usually in the distance, you’ll see big ships and ferries.  But then, I noticed something and thought “Couldn’t be…”

But it was…


Dolphins peeking up as they swam by.

How freaking cool is that?

So we sat and watched the dolphins for a while, trying not to be all “OMG! It’s a DOLPHIN!” – and failing.  Eventually though, the dolphins swam off, and we started walking again.

And there we were, on the beach, sun shining, water glistening, school girls in blouses and skirts coming down from the local secondary school, squealing while trying to take a picture with their feet in the sea, dogs trotting happily, children toddling…and some middle aged dude in nothing but a purple Speedo.

Yeah, I snickered.  I will never ever be European enough to think a Speedo looks good on anyone.

And then, Mr. Purple Speedo cut into the little alcove, a few feet from us, put his stuff down…and proceeded to drop trow.  Peeled the purple Speedo off, exposing his glowing white moon to the world.  All within about five feet of us.

I of course nudged my friend M., who looked over.  Her comment – “Is he seriously changing into something smaller?”

Why yes.  Yes he was.

He changed from a purple Speedo to some little black slightly wider than a thong thing.  Exposing more of his pale white behind to the world.  Which lead to the comment “Gee, I hope he at least used sunscreen.”

And yes, I said “Look around!  It IS smaller!  LOOK!”  And M. did, good sport that she is. I may owe her a drink for that.

This lead to what could have been the title of the blog post – Dolphins and Ass-cheeks – as that’s what the joke was  on the way back to the car.  I look one way and see beautiful dolphins in the glistening water.  M. looked the other way and saw a pair of glowing white ass-cheeks that should have NEVER seen the light of day.

And that was our walk on the beach.