Randomness on Friday

I should be cleaning.  Or at least picking up the house.  Or at least taking underwear off the radiators. (Hey, we’re potty training, we don’t have a dryer, and I needed stuff dried quickly!)

So instead, I’m sharing random thoughts and pictures…

After yesterday’s unveiling of the full moon, my friend and I decided to walk down the pier in Dun Laoghaire .  It wasn’t as sunny – in fact, it was very hazy out this morning, maybe the closest thing to a humid day I’ve had here when it hasn’t been raining.  But it was okay, because just like every other pale Irish person here, I got sunburned yesterday.

So today, sprayed down in SPF 50, I went walking with the friend.

Yesterday, we saw dolphins.  Today?  We saw jellyfish.  Yep, jellyfish.  Little pale things bobbing along under the water’s surface.  I guess there are a lot of them in town to lay spores or something, but moreso, upsetting people used to their daily swim in the different coves.

But we’re just a couple of gauche American gals, going “Oh look!  Jellyfish!  How cool!”  Because this Midwestern girl has never seen a live-in-the-sea jellyfish before.

It was because of the jellyfish that I found myself keeping an eye on the water.  Which is why I noticed this little guy on the rocks.


Can you see him?  The little baby sea lion?  Hanging out on the rocks, waiting for mum to come back with breakfast.  And a nice crane hanging out with him.  He was adorable, all big brown eyed, playing with his flippers and rolling about.

I will admit, the mom in me got a bit “Oh, I hope he’s okay, where’s his parents?” but another woman came by and was all “Oh! Isn’t he adorable?   He was over there yesterday.”  assuring us that the baby wasn’t abandoned.

So on our way we went.  Now, it’s a harbor, and there are boats, and I have to admit, I got a giggle out of this boat’s name.  So I took a crappy cell phone picture of it to share.

Dick Dastardly – Boat


At this rate, my friend and I are going to end up on a nude beach with unicorns frolicking or the like.  I promise to take pictures if we do.

And now, to pick up the house before a gaggle of tween girls arrive.