What am I doing here?

I mean, with this blog, what am I doing with it?

Well, originally, it was a way to keep people far away updated about our life.  As it is with many blogs.

Then it was also a way to keep my writing skills fresh, which meant sharing more stories.

Then I decided to add to it some music I like, mainly to have at least one reason a week to blog.  Because every song has a story it seems.

Then it morphed a bit when we moved to Ireland, and it became a way to keep people very very far away updated about life, and to explain life in a different country.

Then one day a few months ago, I posted about word usage, and suddenly I was thrust into the Special Needs Spotlight.  I became a big old petite young advocate, speaking for others.

And now?

Well, I’m still sort of doing all of that still.  But with a much larger audience.

When people ask me what I blog about, I usually say “Life.”.  Because I don’t see myself as someone who blogs about kids, or Ireland, or music, or writing, or special needs.  I blog about whatever is in my head.

And there’s a lot of stuff rolling about in my head.  None of it is organized, categorized, or labeled.  It’s just all there, waiting to be spilled out.

I’m not just a mommy blogger (I’m not even sure I qualify for that, as no child has called me “mommy” for years and half are taller than me.)  I’m not just an ex-pat blogger, or a writer blogger, or even just a special needs blogger.  I’m just a “this is my life” blogger, chock full of all things.

So that’s the deal.  You bear with my slightly ADD* ways and I promise not to get to distracted by squirrels.

I make no promises about shiny objects though.  I’m always distracted by shiny objects.



*please realize that we are, in fact, a household containing people with ADHD of various levels.  I do not make light of it, but I do joke irreverently about our realities.  It’s my coping skill.  Once upon a time, my therapist asked if I thought I was ADHD and my answer was “I don’t know if I am, or I’ve been living around it for so long that it’s rubbed off on me.”  She laughed and said the latter was possible.