I survived

I did it.  I made it through al 10 K’s of the mini-marathon.  My feet are cursing me today (mental note, time for new Nike’s), but I finished it.

Everyone said it would be a great time, and they weren’t lying.  Granted, we went more like 10.2 K’s, given that it took us 20 minutes to even cross the start line.  But then there were people all along the way cheering you on, bands playing, and of course, the guys dressed up like girls to get into the marathon.

So here are some pics…

Our “starting point” looking ahead of us


“Starting Point” looking behind us. And kudos to you, cute photo-bombing girl!


See that yellow banner way ahead? That was about three blocks from where we “started”? That’s the Official Start.And the two overly-dressed women in print?  Are boys.


FINALLY the Start line!


Some musicians out singing for our entertainment


My favorite “guy dressed like a girl” – especially with his sign that reads “I’m not a lady. I’m just here to embarrass my mother”


A marching band playing for us!


The “walkers” for Maura’s school – Martha, myself, and Carina (I hope I’m spelling your name right!)


There were over 44,000 people signed up for this event. That’s a lot of women…and guys in bad wigs and outfits.


Martha at the finish line – 2 hours 10 minutes was our time (it would have been two hours if it wasn’t for the stop at the water station…yipes…)


Our rewards afterwards