Should I be impressed…or worried…

You know my dog Zoey?  You know, this bundle of cuteness and innocence?



She’s not a big dog.  She’s on the small end of medium actually.  A nice petite dog.  A nice, smart, petite dog.

With apparent mad problem solving skills.

Sean stated earlier that he thought Zoey was able to get up enough to the counter to sneak stuff.  Which seemed a bit odd.  Like I said, she’s not big.

Later on, I hear a bit of a thud in the kitchen.  As Collin was upstairs, and the rest of us were in the living room, I became suspicious that the darling furry creature was up to no good in the kitchen.

I was right.

But I was also in time to see said dog with made problem-solving skills hop off the kitchen stool.

replica of our step-stool, which is yellow


Yes, our dog managed to use the steps to get up onto the seat of the stool, so she could easily reach bowls of leftover yumminess on the counter.

This would also explain why she yakked on the living room carpet earlier.  (kudos to Sean who cleaned the dog yak up without me asking.)

Needless to say, I yelled at the dog….who slinked out of the kitchen guiltily, getting lower and lower to the ground in an attitude of Doggie Guilt…meanwhile, I kept my stern face on until she went into her kennel as to ensure she knew she was in trouble.

On the inside – I was laughing.  Because it’s ridiculous.  A dog?  Using a step stool?  How freaking smart is that?  And scary?  If she has figured out how to use the step stool, what next?  How to unlock her kennel? How to use my credit card and Amazon?

I need a herd of sheep to keep this dog busy.  Meanwhile, I’m going to check her for opposable thumbs.  Just to be safe.