The escalator dream

So a group of friends are discussing dream interpretations, what they mean.  I’ve always been a very vivid dreamer.  Some dreams disappear when I wake up, others have stayed in my memory for years.

I did notice at one point in life though that when I was feeling really really stressed, I’d dream about out of control, very steep escalators.  You know, those amazingly steep escalators that go up for several stories, that if you wobble even an inch will send you plummeting to your doom? Or elevators dropping several floors/shooting up through ceilings?  Or escalators going so fast that you have to hold on for your life?

Now, I’ve never actually been killed by any of these escalators of doom…


…I did meet up with one in real life.  Sort of.

London 2010.  We were staying in Islington, and the closest tube station was Angel Station.  I was on my own during the daytime as Josh was at a conference, and so I was going to attempt to go out on my own.  I had directions, figured out the ticket machine, and made my happy touristy way to the escalators.

At first, I noticed everyone stood to the right so people could run down the escalators on the left side.  Which made me wonder just how often the trains came (ever two minutes, Londoners apparently run late all the time.)  I was so caught up in making certain I was on the proper side of the escalator step and not blocking anyone that I didn’t realize at first what I had gotten on.

And the I looked down.

The escalator at Angel Station

I may have gripped the handrail really hard.  Maybe with both hands.  I may have also said “Holy shit!” out loud.  All I could think of was that I was on an escalator seen only in a nightmare.

Turns out the escalator at Angel Station was the third longest escalator in Europe.  And I was on it.

Who are these people building incredibly long moving steps of doom?  And why do they have a sick sadistic need to make even longer escalators?

Eventually, I made it to the bottom…only to have to get on another escalator.  Which I was relieved to see was closer to normal size.

The next time I had to go down this escalator, I prodded Josh.  “You have to SEE this thing!  OMG!”  He reacted appropriately and took pictures for me.  Eventually, I almost got used to it.  It was like conquering a fear.

And today, during our dream discussion, as I mentioned my stress induced escalator dreams…I realized I haven’t had one of them since riding on the Angel Station escalators.

Go figure.

Me, on the Angel Station escalator, conquering that fear