I can’t help but laugh at this point…

Our bank loves to save us money…by making sure we can’t access it.

Remember my issues with trying to get on the bank account?  And how complaining on Twitter actually helped, in a creepy, kinda stalkerish way?  Well, after that, the bank and I have gotten along.  It’s been a blissful few months of me, using a card to get cash or buy groceries.

And then there was this week.

I’m not much of a news person – I’ll read about the news online, or if I’m in the car, usually catch one of the hourly news updates that all the stations do here.  But Josh had the car most of the week, and I was using cash, so it wasn’t until last night, while checking out of the grocery store, that I got my first inkling that something had gone terribly, horribly wrong.

There I am, u-scanning stuff, put in my card, put in my pin and not paying attention when the check out guy said “Oh, it’s been declined.”


Oh, I must have done something wrong.  Try again.


Say what?  This makes no sense.  We should have money in there.  Plenty of money to cover the 20 euros worth of dinner groceries.

So I call Josh – who’s waiting in the parking lot – and say “The card’s been declined.”

He comes into the store, pays for the grocery with the Bank of Ireland card, and tells me how this is all weird and he’d gotten a notice from e-flow (think automatic toll payer thingy) that the payment was declined.

Must. Go. Check. Bank. Site.

Pop onto the bank site, and there’s a big “Sorry for our technical issues, we’re working on it, we should be up and running again on Monday, sorry for the incovenience.”

Phew.  Not us.

But then I find out that oh, it’s been going on for a couple days already.  I guess it was too much to notify customers about this?  Maybe a text (they can do that, they’ve texted me) or an email, or heck, a letter (post works amazingly fast here, stuff sent out at 4 pm arrives the next morning.)

Nope.  I’m supposed to be paying attention.

Of course, the irony is – I can’t pay for ANYTHING!  HA!

I’ve been trying to cut back on my spending, but this is a bit ridiculous.  They’re lucky I have a good sense of humor…and an account at another bank we can use.  I can laugh a bit over this, but if we didn’t have that other account, things would be getting ugly here.