Monday Monday

It’s a Monday.

It’s greyish, the clothes I hung on the drying racks are still damp, I didn’t get enough sleep so I have no motivation to do anything…

Yep, it’s a Monday.

It’s the girls last week of school.  Sean’s been out since the first week of June.  Collin finished his last exam Wednesday.  They’ve both slid into Teenage Sloth mode quite easily.  Today, they get a break because Mom’s too tired to harass them to do things like chores.

Meanwhile, we’ve been boring the kids with too much soccer. The Euro 2012 games are playing and we’ve (Josh, Maura and I) have been following them.  Some games are more exciting than others.  Last night’s match between England and Italy had me holding out for so long – it finally went to penalty shots.  Italy won.

We’ve discovered recently in a gross 4 am wake-up call sort of way that our dog can’t tolerate sausages.  Not that we’re feeding her sausages.  She finds a way to sneak them.  Once was when Maura left the refrigerator door wide open, the other was after dinner, when she got sneaky in the kitchen.  Her disgusting reaction to the sausage she stole the other night is why I’m so tired today.

In other news, our bank’s still screwed up so no cash for us!  Well, unless I want to walk down to the local branch and hang out with 75 other disgruntled customers to see if they’ll allow me to pull cash from the account.  They said the problem would be fixed by Monday. Then they back-peddled.  Now the news is that it should all be fixed by the end of the week. Hopefully it will be, as we’ll want to be using that paycheck that’s to be deposited this Friday.

It is a bit surreal.  I feel like in a way, it’s 1929, banks crashing, Mr. Potter cackling in his office while Jimmy Stewart runs around town with a wad of bills going “Does anyone need money?  How much do you need to get you through the week?”

Why yes, I do need to get out more.  Why do you ask?

Did I mention my laundry isn’t drying?  Because it’s been an incredibly rainy month, even by Irish standards?  One of my Jennifer friends asked if I couldn’t take even the wet laundry to a laundromat to dry.  I could…if there were any laundromats.  There’s laundry services, but a severe shortage of laundromats.

Maybe that’s how we’ll make our thousands – opening up a chain of laundromats around the area.  With big American washers and dryers that wash and dry your clothes in less than two hours total.

These are the random thoughts flying about my head this Monday morning.  So I’ll leave you with some music.  This is a duo out of Dublin – Heathers – that I heard about on one of the local stations.  I thought I’d check them out, and now you can too!  Song’s available on iTunes if you like it 😉