Attention Tesco Shoppers

Specifically my local Tesco…all of you who were there at about 5:30 pm today.

I’d like to apologize for the blood curdling screams that came from my daughter.  You know, the ones that made some of you literally startle and turn to see which child had been set on fire?  Yeah, those screams.

That was my child.  My perfectly normal looking but actually special needs child.  The screaming was due to the fact that I had denied her a kids magazine.

No, really, that was it.  She went “ooo” and I said “no dear, we don’t need that, let’s go.”

Cue howler monkey mode.

Okay, there is more to it than that.  See, she was also tired, moody, needs to poop, and at the end of her bottle of seizure meds (so the medicine concentrate is different, which causes the moodiness).  Therefore, a teeny little thing like “no dear” could set her off.

And lucky you all – you all got to witness a Class A meltdown, which included the bursts of screams, the tantrum, and me abandoning my U-scan station to grab her as she made a run for the door, her howling at the check out while I broke the U-scan record for self-check out.

But hopefully you got to see me be calm, and even manage a giggle at the drama queen.  Because what else can you do in that sort of situation but check out quickly, see the humor in it and make a run for the door?

I would also like to apologize because I knew that taking her out was a risk.  But she really really wanted to come with me.  And we almost made it.  It was just those last three extremely loud minutes that went badly.

And I promise, next time, I will steer very clear of the magazine section.