Johnny Cash

I have this inkling that the Irish like Johnny Cash.

The first clue should have been in 2008, when Josh and I vacationed here.  We stayed at Markee Castle and while poking around it, we noticed that one room was the Johnny Cash room.  We figured he must have stayed there at some point.

Now, I’ll confess, Johnny Cash wasn’t big on my radar.  Country music didn’t really infiltrate my childhood in Chicago.  However, during my time in Arkansas, I did learn more about him.  My in-laws are big fans, as is Josh.

But it was when we first moved to Dublin last year, at a night out at a pub, when I began to notice this Irish love affair.  There was a singer that night, and he did not one, but two Johnny Cash songs, to which the entire pub sang along with.


After that, I started noticing it here and there.  I’ve heard more Johnny Cash in Ireland than I did in the US.  (Again, granted, I lived in Chicago for the first 20 years of life, so I had a late start.)  I’d hear it here, and there, and always at pubs.  Even two weeks ago, after Ireland lost its second Euro 2012 game, when they turned on music, it was Johnny Cash.

Yesterday, I won 5 cd’s from the radio station (Phantom 105.2).  I knew one of them was Regina Spektor’s new one, and I was geeked.  The cd’s were popped in the mail and thanks to Ireland’s freakishly fast postal service, Mr. Postman showed up today with an envelope of cd’s.

And I laughed.

One of them?  Was a Johnny Cash cd.

I’ll admit – I’m slightly geeked about it.  (I know Josh is going to love it.)

And now you know – if you want to be completely prepared for a sing-a-long in an Irish pub, forget Molly Malone.  You need to know some Johnny Cash.