Let’s talk about toilets

I’m talking public restrooms for either the disabled or baby changing family toilets. The stalls or self-contained rooms designed to make specific lives easier.

If you run into myself and Maura in a public restroom, ten to one, we’re coming out of the handicap stall. When available, we will take advantage of the family toilet room.

Being in a small European country, public toilets can be even smaller and even more amazingly cramped for space than the average American restroom stall.  Most are designed to comfortably fit a small child. And sometimes, barely even that.

Now, for me myself, this isn’t a problem.  But when I’m out with Maura – who is not toilet trained – and she’s in need of a change…well…things can get interesting.    Changing her pull up requires things like shoe removal, pant removal, weird yoga positions for both of us, a garbage can to disperse of the evidence and what is probably some interesting dialogue for the people outside.

So we opt for the largest changing area possible, going for the handicapped/baby changing toilets.

And because of that, we get the fish eye from people waiting for it.

Oh, no one has ever actually said anything to me.  Yet.  I am prepared for if it does happen and will happily explain to any accuser that my daughter meets any handicapped or diaper changing requires necessary to use those restrooms.  I actually may have given the “Say something, I dare you!” look to people giving me the stink eye while waiting for the coveted bathrooms.  No one has dared yet.

But this came across my Facebook feed today, courtesy of another blogger, and I was all “Yes!  I was thinking about this just the other day as I changed my daughter on a towel on the handicapped bathroom floor!”

What is this?

A handicapped public bathroom that truly fits all the needs.

I wish I’d known about this before we went over to the UK.  And wondering why no one has thought of this before now.

And next time you see a mother with a tall school aged child coming out of a handicap toilet or baby changing room, take into consideration that there could be a very valid reason why they’re using those particular toilets.