The Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee pageant ( is it a pageant? I’m not even sure) is on.

I’ll admit, I started to roll my eyes.  Pageants aren’t my thing.  I’ve sat through Miss America a few times. But to me, pageants are sort of plastic and full of Barbie-type ladies who are trying to outdo each other, talking about World Peace and how they volunteer with kids at risk.

But what I’ve seen of this?  It’s fun!

They interviewed girls – the Luxembourg Rose, the Washington D.C. Rose, the Kilkenny Rose, the Sydney Rose – they pointed out their family members in the audience, chatted about life, delayed flights, parents, sleepwalking incidents.  Some did a talent, some didn’t.  A few sang, one did a dramatic scene, a Rose from Texas taught people how to line dance as her parents, boyfriend and sister got up in the aisle to dance too.  One girl did her impersonation of a dolphin.  She became my favorite.

This is one pageant I would push my daughter to be in.  It looks fun!  I now want to see how this unfolds. I’ve already decided that this is of those special little things about Ireland that you don’t realize is pretty dang cool.