Oh, hello September!

Last night, we had to use tweezers and a flashlight to remove a kernel of corn from each of Maura’s ears.

That, my friends, sums up my life as of lately.

The kids are all back in school and stuff.  Miriam wins for “Most Involved” – she’d join more activities but we just can’t fit them all in.  Maura’s still adjusting to school life (she loves school, it’s more that she’s tired in the evenings now and doesn’t get to sleep in until 9 am.)  Collin’s enjoying transition year and Sean’s not enjoying Collin gloating about his lack of homework.

Now, the idea is that between 9 am and 2:30 pm, whilst the kidlets are all off at school, I would have all this free time.  To do the stuff I want to do.  To pursue my interests and hobbies.  Time free of children, to focus on adult interests (not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about things like not watching Spongebob or searching for a missing lunchbox.)

I’m learning there’s no such thing as free time.  Slightly freer time maybe.  But so far, this month has not been about me pursuing my needs and interests.  I’ve had more of a chance to catch up with friends, that much is true.  But it’s easier to go grocery shopping without kids, so I go during school hours.  It’s easier to hunt down a raincoat for Maura without Maura, so I go during school hours.  When it’s sunny out, I feel the need to do ALL the laundry, as it’ll dry faster.  Oh, and since the installment of a new puppy in the house, I spend school hours chasing her down, making sure she’s getting housebroken, figuring out where the tiny one is hiding, making sure our big-in-comparison puppy gets all her love and attention.  I spent two days fighting with iTunes only to have it wiped completely off my old computer (brothers and sisters, this is why you back up everything – which I did – there were no tears shed over that incident) – that also involved confusing the tech guy at the local Apple store (I love doing that) only to figure out the problem myself.

There are groceries to buy, put away, blink twice and see them disappear.  Homework papers need signing.  Kids needing new shoes, new coats, more money for something at school.  Dinner.  More dinner.  Dinner yet again.

And always, my constant companion – laundry.  Ah Laundry.  What would I do without you?

Lots.  The answer is I’d do lots of other things.

And how it’s dreary and raining buckets.  To the point that Collin announced this morning that if the first floor of his school floods, he’ll probably get sent home.  The boy who used to wish for snow days is now hoping for a flood day.

What I haven’t been doing enough of is writing and working out/losing weight.  My 40th birthday is looming and the goals I set out for this year are not being met.  I refuse to be discouraged.  The year’s not over.  I decided to suck it up and try to go to the gym in the morning before girls get up – the husband has been going to early morning spin classes (because he’s crazy!) and yesterday, I dragged my tired behind out of bed and went with him.  Not to spin class.  But to the gym at least.

As for writing, well, coherent thoughts have been hard to come by.  But I’m still working on it.

But for this moment, I have a tiny puppy at my feet, wanting up on my lap, and an empty coffee cup.  The latter problem will at least be fixed.  And then I shall attempt to write. Because soon, I’ll blink and two girls will be bursting through my door looking for after-school snacks and Spongebob and teen boys looming over me asking for things like computers and dinner.

Such is life.