The Best Sandwich Ever

So the original intent of this was to write about the cute little half-loaves of bread they sell here in Ireland, and how people always buy out the brown breads first, so my choice was a full loaf of white or a half loaf of brown, and I chose the half loaf.

half loaf of bread, which is taller than it is wide


However – Maura wanted a sandwich.  Hence the big jar of Nutella out.  So I started to make her a sandwich.  Which made her SO happy.

yea sandwich!

She was also happy about her shoes and wanted a picture of them –

sparkly shoes and rainbow socks do make people happy


But then, as I started to make the sandwich (after taking pictures of happy girl and sparkly shoes), Maura pipes up with this sentence –

“Tank you Mommy!  I wuv you!”

– which caused me to set the knife down, and turn to give my girl a great big hug and tell her I loved her too.  Because while my daughter has gone “I loooooove candy!” and said “I love you” with much prompting and repeating, I can’t recall a moment before now when she’s spontaneously said “I love you” to me.

She’s nine years old and this is the first unprompted “I love you” from her.

All because of a Nutella sandwich, of which I have made her hundreds of.

I’ll take it.

The Best Sandwich Ever, made with love, accepted with wuv.