Music Monday – Bruises

So one of the bands that I absolutely adore is Train.  They caught my attention with “Meet Me Virginia” and had me at “Drops of Jupiter”.  They’re coming to Ireland in February and you bet your sweet patootie I have tickets for the shows!

Anyhoo – on their latest album, California 37, is the song “Bruises”.   The song is about two people who meet up at a reunion, and how the bruises we get in life can help reconnect old friends.

It’s funny – the song reminds me of Facebook, and all the reconnections I’ve made.  People who I barely knew in high school, who I now have more in common with because of motherhood.  The girls from elementary school, who I can connect with at a whole new level after twenty years of dropping off the radar.  The few close friends who I lost contact with and was ecstatic to find again. And of course, my college friends, the ones who I shared so much with, who knew me before I met Josh, who danced at our wedding, who I lost contact with after we moved away because of distance, babies, life – only to find again and be able to pick up almost where we left off, despite the changes that happened in the past fifteen years or so.

One thing I’ve learned from all of this is that most lives are messy.  Life is messy.  No one really has a perfect life, no matter how shiny and happy they make it look on Facebook.  Hell, on Facebook, I come off as having this amazing life, four beautiful children, handsome husband, living abroad.  At first glance, you don’t see the hardships, the special needs, the stress that life gives us. We all tend to post what people want to see, what we want them to see.  It’s after you peel of that veneer that you find the reality beneath – not so shiny or well-organized.  It’s like that bag of apples you get.  The top ones look nice, but then you find the ones under those are a bit bruised. Still good, still delicious, still worthy of putting in the pie.  Just a little bruised.

We’re all a little bruised from life.  Those who aren’t haven’t lived enough.  Some of us have been bruised more than others – sometimes I feel like that – and hold back more, afraid of being bruised more.

But sometimes, in sharing life’s bruises, we learn that we all have a little more in common.  That we’re not alone, not the only one with these bruises.  And in a way, that helps soothe them.

You’re not alone in how you’ve been
Everybody loses

-we all got bruises

– “Bruises” by Train, off “California 37”


If you like this song, why not buy it here?  Go on, you know you want to!