Christmas rush

It seems that all I’ve done in the past couple of weeks is run about.  Run to store.  Run to drop off kid at party.  Run to store.  Pick up kid.  Run to store.  Go to Christmas disco (they call all dances here “discos” – it cracks me up.) Run to store.  Pick up guys from Christmas party. Run to store.  Go see Santa. And oh yeah…run to store.

I’m so tired of shopping.

In the midst of all this, rotavirus has been going around.  My only consolation is that we got that when it first started going around, so I didn’t have to wait in fear for our turn.  And the good news is, my living room finally doesn’t reek anymore.

But the dreaded Head Cold has now entered the house.  So I’ve added “run to the pharmacy” to my list of stops.  Where I stand there and go “I need something for a chesty cough.”  It’s funny to me, how medicines work here.  You have your decongestant, decongestant with cough, your chesty cough meds, your dry cough meds, your tickly throat meds.

And then there’s the Mansize Tissues.

They're mansize!
They’re mansize!

But between the vomiting, sniffling, and pharmacy stops, we’re managing to get Christmas stuff in there.  Our skinny tree was put up and decorated, much to Maura’s delight.  Maura is reveling in Christmas, and this year, she has an interest in Santa as well (though she’s not quite sure what he does, he’s just part of the Christmas hype.)  I did mention Baby Jesus to her, and she was all intrigued, as she loves playing baby dolls these days.  However, I haven’t put out our Nativity set because – well – I like it unbroken.

(Mental note – find Playmobil nativity set…)

Maura decorating the tree
Maura decorating the tree

It hardly feels like Christmas is a few days away, no matter how frenzied the local shopping centre has gotten (and it has gotten quite the frenzy going on!)  Our Christmas plans are low-key compared to when we lived in Michigan.  Christmas in Michigan meant either battling snow and cold while at home, or driving down to Arkansas to spend the holidays with Josh’s family.

Christmas in Dublin is just us.  But we managed it pretty well last year, and will again this year.  New Dublin tradition?  Watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special – while wearing paper crowns from our Christmas crackers (okay, only the girls wear the crowns, the boys haven’t quite embraced this.)   They’ll be church and a roast and a Yule log and Christmas puddings with brandied cream to eat.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll go wrap some presents while I can.  Maybe this will be the year I don’t spend half of Christmas Eve night wrapping gifts.