Catching up

Miriam in front of a tiny car that I wanted to take home with me.
Miriam in front of a tiny car that I wanted to take home with me

I’m having issue with getting back into the swing of things since Christmas vacation.  I’m going to blame it on the stress of Maura being sick, and then us jetting off to Rome for a week and the wonders of all that, only to return just in time for school again (okay, they missed the first day back – our return flight was delayed).  It’s almost like I have permanent jet lag.

So here’s a synopsis –

Maura was sick, but perked up and pooped just in time for us to head out on our holiday to Rome.  We honestly weren’t sure if we were all going to be able to go, that Josh might stay behind with Maura while I took the other three offspring with me alone…which was a bit of a terrifying thought.  But Maura perked up, started stuffing her face again, and so off we went.  She was perfectly healthy the entire trip (well, she did have a complete meltdown the last day, but that’s within the norm.)

Rome – I’ve always wanted to go to Italy.  It was always on my list, after “Ireland” – and I think I can cross Ireland off my list.  Miriam was all excited about this as well, after I dragged her to see “Roman Holiday” last summer at a “movie in the park” thing.  We had an apartment for the week, right in the heart of it all, so we could easily walk to things like the Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps (though not all the way up them, at that point, I loathed steps), and Vatican City.  We bored kids with ancient ruins, herded them through the Vatican Museum, which was some sort of endurance test, I swear, and then stuck them on the top deck of a tour bus that went around the city.  And then we bought them gelato and pizza.  Sometimes in that order.  It was a holiday, that’s allowed.

And the best part was after torturing them with touristy stuff, we gave them the option of hanging out at the apartment or coming out with us to just poke around.  Usually, a couple of the older ones would opt to stay at the apartment with Maura and watch movies, so Josh and I got to hang out and drink coffees, and go out for a real meal without children.  Or bond with the one or two middle ones that decided to come out with us.

Rome is a hideously expensive city, especially when you get around major tourist sites and are full of street vendors trying to force you to buy a fake Prada bag or weird toy.  Our kids now know to avoid the tourist trap restaurants after 7 days of us going “We’ll get food, but not here, look at the prices!” and not to make eye contact with the street vendor.  “Don’t engage, or they’ll keep it up!”   It was kind of hilarious that by day three, Miriam’s yelling “No!’ and giving the stink eye to the guy trying to sell her pretty scarf.  Rude, yes, but hilarious.  We never were bothered twice by these guys.   Josh taught Sean Haggling 101 when he did want something from one of the vendors (a deluxe laser pointer), and he did okay his first time out.

It was all wonderful and exhausting.  Honestly, I could have stayed longer.  There is so much to see.  But I did get to poke around enough side streets and shops to be content until I go back again.  Because we did all throw coins into the Trevi Fountain – so of course we have to go back now!






viewing the Coliseum
viewing the Coliseum


Me, cooking pasta, in my kitchen in Italy - with wine.
Me, cooking pasta, in my kitchen in Italy – with wine.


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