I interrupt this Monday to bring news of a crime

My new office space is now located at the top of the stairs of our house (I managed to trim down our storage items, so now have a desk in the box room.  I call it the Girl Cave.)

I sat down this morning to write.  Wrote a blog post.  Checked Facebook. Looked over where I left off in my writings.  The dogs played happily about downstairs, Little Dog scampering up and down the stairs to visit me and sniff around. Eventually, I could feel it getting cold, so went to turn the heat on for an hour (our boiler is on a timer, set for twice a day, and then I hit the “one hour” button in between, when needed.)  Walked into the kitchen, gave dogs more water, gave Big Dog some love and attention, popped some lunch in the oven, walk out…

…and realize Maura’s wet gloves, that I placed on top of the radiator to dry, were gone.

Now, the big dog, Zoey, tends to be a chewer.  She devoured four fingers off of one of Josh’s gloves before we realized it.  So of course, I went in search of the gloves, hoping they were in one piece.

I walked into my living room and said “What the hell?” out loud.

my floor, and the carnage
my floor, and the carnage


What you see are not just the gloves, but the scarf she stole to drag about, two chewy rope toys (one of which she has managed to unravel), a fancy hair tie, and the remains of a Barbie.

The Barbie is now headless, footless, mostly armless…and its hair is scattered all over the carpet.

It’s all a bit disturbing.

And now, I need to find the head and appendages before the girls get home.

Meanwhile, the living room is now off-limits, and the dog is napping in her kennel, exhausted from her morning’s work.

I shall get my revenge later, when I chase Zoey around with the vacuum.