Motherhood injuries

They say motherhood takes a toll on your body.  And they’re not talking about pregnancy.  Though that does start the process.  I had sciatica with Maura’s pregnancy and limped around for months (not fun in a two story house with laundry facilities in the basement.)  My mom tore a back muscle while sneezing while pregnant with twins (that is imprinted in my mind because even at nine years of age, seeing her sit on that stool, clenching the seat, I could tell just how much pain she must have been in.)

But you have the baby, and then you keep having weird stuff happen to your body.  It’s like your body never ever forgives you for those nine months.

Me?  I’m the queen of weird injuries.  At 14, I got whiplash after carrying my baby sister on my shoulders.  So motherhood injuries shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.  It started with all the weird shooting pains in my head.  I was certain I was about to have a brain aneurysm (I have anxiety, this makes sense in my head).  However, after going to the doctor, what I had was tension headaches from carrying about my very large baby and a need for a chiropractor.

That would be the first in a series of visits to the chiropractor.  One time, I pulled the muscle from my sternum to my shoulder blade by trying to find a pacifier in the baby seat behind me as I sat in the front seat.  I also had my whole lower back spasm out on me as I went to pick up a stubborn 4 yr old off the floor.  That was because I spent two years hauling Maura about on a hip until she started walking.  Then there are all the fat lips from being head butted by a hard-headed child, and once, in retrieving a steak knife from 2 year old Collin’s grasp, I had my thumb slit open (thankfully it didn’t need stitches.)

I thought the dumbest one was when I got tennis elbow from repeatedly lifting 7 year old Maura into the car seat (it was winter, she took too long to motor plan her way into the SUV, so I would heft her in.)  Tennis elbow.  And I don’t even play tennis.

Yesterday however, I think I topped that one.

Somehow, I pulled the muscle between my thumb and first finger on my left hand, so  that any time I grab for something, or try to pull up something (like socks or pants), I get shooting pains down said thumb and finger.  I am now sporting a wrap around my hand, to keep me from using it and causing pain.

I managed to do this by carrying a heavy grocery bag.

I told Collin that I’m not buying them any more food.

He thinks I’m kidding.  Silly boy.


My booboo hand, which Josh lovingly wrapped for me.
My booboo hand, which Josh lovingly wrapped for me.


Please forgive any typos, I have no use of a thumb….