One of those moments…

Today, I was sitting in Starbucks, finally getting some coffee into my system after taking WonderDog to the vet to get her leg checked (she somehow cut open a pad on the back of her leg, it needed four stitches.  Today was the “check to see if it still needs bandaging on it” – luckily, it didn’t, as she ate the bandage that was on it last night.)

Anyway, coffee.  Coffee good.  Coffee awakening.

Now, I’m wearing a shirt I haven’t worn in two years, as it finally fits again (buh-bye ten pounds since January, eighteen since August.)  So there I am, sitting, drinking coffee, look down, go to straighten the hem of the shirt…

…and I see extra stitches.

I try to flatten the hem of this basic long sleeved jersey shirt from the Gap.  And realize the hem hasn’t rolled.  The extra stitches are on the outside.

Of course my first thought is “Crap, I left the house with my shirt inside out again.”


I then start to try to discreetly check the rest of my shirt, the cuffs, the shoulder seams.  And they look fine, normal, not inside out.  Which has me now really inspecting my shirt the best I can.

As it turns out, my shirt is on fine.  They just did a decorative stitch around the bottom, making it look like the inside seam.

Curse you Gap.  That wasn’t very nice, toying with my sanity  like that for a few minutes.