Bonding time with Mom

So I’ve been sick.  Coughing aching stuffed up sore throat whining sick.

I am  not a pretty sight.  And they don’t sell NyQuil in Ireland.

Josh – as usual – has been stellar about it all.  Which means I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time bonding with my bed, surrounded by glasses of water and mugs of tea and tissues.

The older kids have been good – leaving me alone, taking care of dinner when need be, offering to make me a mug of tea (that one was Miriam.)

Maura has seen this as “Oh great!  I’ve got Mom cornered!” time.

Maura love to snuggle and watch tv.  Needless to say, me laying pathetically in my bed, with my tv on, makes me an easy target.  She will come in, climb onto the bed – usually elbowing me along the way – and fluff a pillow before stealing half of my blanket as she snuggles up to me.

It’s really quite sweet.

It’s also really quite good that she has such a great immune system.

So we’ve gotten lots of quality bonding time, Maura and I.  And the good news is, I can  nap through many viewings of SpongeBob and Tangled.