Name that show

Maura doesn’t have a normal-sized vocabulary, so she makes things up as she goes along.  Especially when it comes to movie or show titles.  She really can’t read, so it’s not like she’s making note of the screen credits.

My favorite by far is “Hairbrush”.  Aka Rapunzel.  When she asks for Hairbrush, she means she wants to watch “Tangled”.  Then there’s “Move It”, which is, obviously, some form of “Madagascar”.  “Wolf” is “Alpha and Omega”. “Frog” is close to its actual title – “The Princess and the Frog”, and “Penguins!” is “Penguins of Madagascar”.  As you can see, she tries to get some component of the actual name in there, and if you can figure it around the not-perfect speech patterns, you can usually figure things out.  Like “Tori” is “Victorious”, and “Tinkbell” for Tinkerbell.

Sadly, she can say “Winx” perfectly.

But it was the other day that she threw us for a loop.  “I want home!”  she cried.

“Honey, you are home.”

“Nooo!  I want Home?  Peeeeeeeeeeas?  Home?”

Home.  Home home home.  What was she talking about?  Michigan?  Did her memory banks go back that far?

The next day, I asked if she wanted to watch a movie.  “Yes!”  I turned on the dvr and she started up again.  “Home! I want Home!”

Home…home…what could be home?  I stared at the titles on the screen.  I tried to figure out which movie had a component of home.  Then it hit me.  I looked at her and said “There’s no place like home?”


She wanted to watch “The Wizard of Oz”.


Of course.

Who needs Sudoku?  I have Maura to keep me in brain teasers.