17 Years

My oldest child just turned seventeen.  Which is odd, because I am not old enough to have a seventeen year old.  My college friends are still having babies!

But his birthday is not just a reminder that holy crap I’m getting old, or a time when I can make my college friends feel old too.  It’s a reminder.

A reminder that I’ve been changing diapers for seventeen years straight.

17 years of diaper changes, without a month in there off.

For the past seventeen years, I’ve always had someone in diapers.  Which, if I had more younger children running around the house, wouldn’t be too weird.  But for the past almost 10 years, those diaper changes have been exclusive to one child.

It’s one of those not talked about things in the special needs community – the dreaded toilet training.  Because we all know that toilet training is one of the Circles of Hell with your average child.  Throw in sensory issues, a lack of understanding or control, the inability to get a concept, low muscle tone, constipation, medications that do bad things to excrement….well, it brings up whole new levels of Hell that Dante couldn’t have even imagined.

Needless to say, the fact that Maura is finally getting the whole “potty” concept has been more than exciting in these parts.  Yesterday, she wore panties all day.  The same pair.  Sure, she didn’t use the toilet at all at school, but she kept her pull up dry for the bus ride home and went straight to the toilet once home.  And when the downstairs bathroom was occupied, she took herself upstairs to go.

Big freaking stuff here people!

Because it’s Maura, we have to deal with the concept of “No, if they’re dry and clean, you can keep wearing the same underwear.  All day.  Really.”  She’s still not sure about this one, but I’m playing hardball with her.

But I didn’t change a single diaper all day yesterday (Josh took care of the morning one, lol.)

The thought of taking her out in public in underwear does terrify me, I can admit that.  But it did with the other three as well.  And we all lived.

I’m just so over diaper usage.  After 17 years of it, I’m over it.  I’m ready to move onto the next phase of life.  The one without diapers.  Hopefully Maura will follow along 😉