Snapshot Moment

It’s the first really nice day of the year, it actually feels like spring, even with the wind gusts.  Sun, blue skies, warmer than what it’s been temperatures….even though every so often, a bit of rain blows through, there’s a bit rainbow to enjoy because the sun is refusing to disappear.

As I pulled up to my house, I noticed a group of teens hanging out in the green across from my house.  Some were sitting, two were laying in the grass.  At the same time, another group of teens are walking towards the park.  Suddenly one notices the guys laying in the grass and leaps over the short wall, running.  Another guy from his group follows him, and another.  From the group in the park that were hanging about, one, then another suddenly start running towards the guys laying in the grass.

Ten seconds later, they start dogpiling the ones on the grass.  One after another, at least ten teen boys high.  Just for the fun of it.

Youth.  Exuberance.  Sun and wind and rainbows in the clouds.

Spring has finally arrived in Dublin.