Dinner Texts

Long story shorter – Maura tried to baptize her iPad Sunday, after taking off parts of the Otterbox.  There was much seepage of water into the Otterbox, and the iPad kept seizing up, stuttering, refusing to swipe or acknowledge the touch screen.  In an attempt to help it dry out, I took off the handy dandy Invisible Shield, the thing that keeps the screen from getting scratched up.

After some time in ye olde bag o’ rice, plus some freezer time, some defrosting time, and then some plain old laying on a towel in the sun, today, the iPad showed it made a full recovery.  No more seizing, stuttering, and swiping worked again.

But I realized I had no Invisible Shield.  Which led to an emergency trip to the mall tonight (Ireland does NOT have an Apple store – anywhere – you have to go to Belfast for that.  But there is an “authorized Apple dealership” which has proven once again to be useless.)

After wandering the mall in search of a screen protector and realizing they had none, I also realized that I had left the house just as dinner was almost ready.

Which meant I left my children alone with said dinner.

And I didn’t specify that I’d need food too.

So I send the Eldest Boy a text –

Me – “Is there any chicken left?”

Him – “No and I’m not as sorry as I should be.”

Me – “Snot.”

Him – “:P”

You have to give the boy props for honesty.  The smart-assery comes from my side of the family, so I can’t even get too mad over that.  The smiley face was a nice touch.  And I got my revenge in the form of a Maura poop story.  Mwuahaha.

(PS – I dug around and found that I did have a spare screen protector, so the iPad is all safe and protected again.  And I did manage dinner for myself.)