I’m pretty sure this is a sign of the Apocalypse

I’ve noted this strange phenomenon happening.  It started on Sunday.  Despite reports contradicting it, it continued on Monday.  There was more of it on Tuesday as well.  Now it’s Saturday, and the phenomenon is still happening.

It’s been sunny and nice in Dublin for 7 straight days.

I know I’m not the only one here certain the End is Near.  There is no other explanation for this sort of weather.  Sunny, blue skies, warmish temperatures.

It’s really bizarre.

Somewhere, in City Centre, there’s a tourist sitting outside at a sidewalk café saying to their touring mate “I don’t know why the Irish bitch about their weather so much, it’s been really nice here.  A little chilly for June, but nice.”

Meanwhile, actual native Irish folk are bursting into flames from too much exposure to that bright orb in the sky.  I actually heard one man on the radio wish for just a half an hour of rain, to break up the monotony that is this nice weather.  I’m pretty sure he was pelted with ice cream wrappers.

There’s been whispers that this might actually be that thing called Summer in other parts of the world.  If it keeps up, the country may have to shut down to enjoy it more.  Tourists will think “Wow, the Irish, they’re very lazy aren’t they?  Just spending their days, laying about in the sun.”  (I imagine these tourists as Americans, with some no-nonsense clipped accent and sensible walking shoes.) “Look at them all, laying in the grass, eating ice cream.  Don’t they have jobs?”

Yes, they have jobs.  They also have a great appreciation of nice weather. Because we’re all waiting to wake up and find the Normal Irish Summer of Gloom and Wet has descended upon us again.

But not today.

Today it’s sunny.

I think I’ll go eat ice cream.