Dear Apple…about iOS 7

I’m not happy with you right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I live with several of your devices.  My brick of an iPod?  Love it.  The ancient MacBook?  Well, not so in love with the battery that warped and died overnight at 2 years of age, rendering the laptop into a desktop.  iTunes?  Seriously, can you take some of that extra cash you have and actually make iTunes good?  Even your most dedicated fankids agree that it’s the worst software ever written.

But I’m here to talk about the iPad and iOS7.

See, we have the first generation iPad, the never talked about anymore iPad.  We bought it for Maura, who adores it so much, we now refer to it as the crackPad.

She loves her some crackPad.

I love that she loves her crackPad.  I love that she has this device she can maneuver about easily, that she can work and control.  It has gotten us through plane rides, car trips, doctor visits, rainy days and toilet training.  Every time I think Maura has done any damage to her beloved crackPad, I have a minor heart attack.

I have worked hard over the 2 1/2 years we’ve owned this particular crackPad to keep it alive (cheers to Otterbox and their crackPad saving products.)  And because of my efforts, it still works great…well…except for the speakers, which stopped working a few weeks ago after she baptized the crackPad.  Headphones still work though, and no one else in the house is really upset by not getting to listen to SpongeBob anymore.

And now you’ve gone and updated your OS.  As you do.  I get that part.

But the original iPad is not on the list of devices you can update to iOS7.

When I read that, it caused some panic.  Because last time you did an OS update (6.3.42.whatever) I couldn’t download new apps until I updated the OS.  Which I did.

But now I can’t?

Is that what I’m reading?

Have you just made the beloved crackPad a bit…obsolete?

Am I not going to be able to download brand new apps anymore?  Ones that are made to work on iOS7?

I’d go ask the guy down at the Apple store….OH WAIT!  Dublin doesn’t HAVE an Apple store.  You don’t find Dublin good enough to put one in (despite having one in a shopping centre in Belfast.)  And the guys at the Apple authorized dealership…are kinda dumb when it comes to computer issues.

Anyway, I’d love to know if iOS7 has just rendered our crackPad obsolete.

Which brings me to another bone to pick with you – you make devices that are supposed to last forever.  People say “Buy a Mac, it’ll last forever!  It’s a good investment because it’ll run for years!”  Yes….but that’s how I ended up with a MacBook Pro hand-me-down that’s running Lion as its OS, and can’t be updated by the likes of not-techy me, and so can’t update things like Adobe Flash.  Or Google Chrome.  (I was in the process of backing up all the files so a friend could wipe it clean and start over again when the battery warped and died.)


Maybe I’m expecting too much.  Or maybe I’m just a worried mom of a special needs girl who won’t understand why her beloved crackPad won’t work right.  Because she won’t.

Maybe someone can come back and tell me “Oh no!  You’ll still be able to download new apps, you just need to do this!”  That would be good.  But I’m not holding my breath.

I just really don’t want to have to buy a new crackPad when I have one that’s still working perfectly well.


The mother of a crackPad addict