Reading and Writing

I’m moving in 3 weeks or so.  So of course, I’ve been reading.

I’ve always loved to read.  It’s my escape.  And when you have a whole house to sort out and a move that’s going to take you pretty much half-way around the world, who doesn’t need an escape at some point?

Now, I’m lousy at book reviews.  I am a “Love it” or “Eh” or “Wanted to burn the abomination that calls itself literature” type of book reviewer.  So don’t expect much in ways of alluring reviews.

What have I been reading?

First was “Dance of the Red Death” – the sequel to “Masque of the Red Death” by Bethany Griffin.  Now, I read the latter last year – on Kindle – and realized with two pages left that there was no neat and tidy ending.  My reaction was to go “OMG there’s a SEQUEL!” out loud at my Kindle, cursing the fact that I’d have to wait to see what happened next.

It’s all sorts of YA/dystopian society/love triangle – but it is very well done YA/dystopian society/love triangle.   Set in a crumbling city where the only way to survive the disease is to wear a mask with a special filter, it is the story of a girl who lives numbly with survivor’s guilt until she is pulled into a growing rebellion against the crazy prince who rules over the city.

The second book I’ve read is “Shadow and Bone” by Leigh Bardugo – it’s the first of a trilogy, and I’m already into the second book, “Siege and Storm”  It’s all sorts of girl with hidden powers, good vs. evil. journeys and battles, all set in a Russian-esque society.   I am loving it so far and already impatient that I’ll have to wait another year for the final book.

I have also snuck some time in for writing – but that hasn’t been as easy. Maura has a knack for the interruption.  But a little at a time, right?

So that’s how I’m ignoring housework and packing prep these days.  Well, when allowed.  I am still somewhat of a grown up.