Conversations with teen boys

What can I say?  My teen boys are proud geeks.  Lord knows I’ve wandered through enough episodes of Stargate to prove that.  I have no one to blame but myself (well, maybe their father) – I bought them their first light sabers.

The other day, Sean started talking about atoms and how if you took all the atoms in the universe, they’d fit into a coffee mug or something relatively small like that, as atoms are made up of tiny particles…or something like that…I don’t know, I began to go cross-eyed at the science talk, which lead me to interrupt with…

“Sean, you know “The Big Bang Theory”?”


“I’m Penny.”

He laughed.

Tonight is the whole SuperMoon night.  I mentioned it to the boys, and we wandered outside to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon while I made cracks about how it better be wearing a cape.

Boy 1 – “it’s behind a cloud.”

Mom – “yes, because it’s changing into its cape.”

Boy 1 – “Now would be a bad time for a villain to have a laser on the moon.”

Boy 2 arrives on the scene – “There is a scientific name for this…”

Mom – “SuperMoon?”

Boy 2 – “No…”

Boy 1 – “Don’t bother cracking jokes about villains with lasers, I’ve already done it.”

Boy 2 – “Hey, that cloud looks like the Enterprise.”

Boy 1 – “which one?”

Mom – “There is so much geekery in this conversation.”

And no, we couldn’t get a picture of the starship cloud, the wind blew it apart before the boy could get his cell phone out to take a picture of it.