Temporary Housing, Week Two

I think we’re all officially over being in temporary housing. Maybe it’s because none of us are getting enough sleep, thanks to being in a townhouse complex designed to bounce every noise off all the buildings and into our windows. Or maybe it’s because for no good reason, our smoke alarms went off intermittently for five hours yesterday.

We’re not quiet people, but my God in Heaven, this place is noisy! My neighbor slammed a door last night and it woke me up. The other neighbor has an extremely loud phone…which was woken me up twice at 7 am or so. And at midnight. Speaking of midnight, that’s when the sprinklers go off. And they’re pretty dang loud too.

The cake topper though, was the other night, when I woke up and realized someone had cried. I got up, checked on Maura, who was sound asleep. I went back to bed, was almost back to sleep when I heard a cry again. Got back up, checked on Maura…who hadn’t moved.

Yes, at 4 am, I woke up to someone else’s baby crying, in a townhouse across the way. Not even next door. No, several doors down.

And by waking up and getting up, I woke up Josh – who I found at the window after I checked on Maura the second time. “That’s not Maura, that’s not her cry.” he said…I’m not sure if to me or to himself. It was 4 am. We shouldn’t have been awake. Josh solved the problem by turning on some music on his phone to drown out the other person’s crying child.

Of course, I woke up the next morning to someone’s very unhappy child angrily screaming for a half hour.


We won’t discuss how everything is literally falling apart in our hands in this place. Faucet handles, the rods to the blinds, door handles – heck, the girls bedroom door was hanging crooked on the hinge until Josh fixed it.

The good news is that our new place is going to be a dream after this nightmare. We’re hoping to be in there by this weekend. We’re also hoping that the moving company will decide to give us our air shipment, which cleared customs a week ago and has been sitting in a warehouse waiting for delivery. The air shipment holds most of my kitchen. We have a couple pots and pans and some silverware – I’m thinking we can paper plate it until the air shipment arrives. I’ve gotten that desperate.

In the meantime, we found a dining room table at the thrift shop that is just right for us, and then I went to Ikea for chairs. Lots and lots of chairs. And a couple bar stools for the breakfast bar. We’ve found mattresses as well, which was kind of a necessity. And Josh is passing down valuable skills to the boys, like how to strap stuff to cars and put Ikea furniture together.

Note – since writing, we have officially moved into the new house…which has no Internet. God help is all, but mostly the teenaged boy going through withdrawals.