The never-ending list of things to do

This week, I’ve been to the pediatrician’s office four times.

That’s the kind of week I’ve had.

I’m still running around, getting stuff in place.  Today’s list is all about phone calls and bbq.  Which means I get to go buy more food.  Just when I thought I was good with food for at least two days.

The kids are signed up for school, have been seen by doctors, and have found out they have summer reading assignments <insert collective teen groan here>.  I still have to buy them school supplies and new gym shoes and see if we have a lunch box for Maura with us.  All our stuff is still taking a cruise via the Panama Canal, and isn’t expected to get here until mid-September.  Which means the moment I feel a bit settled?  4000 boxes will arrive at my door, all begging for attention.

I’m still adjusting to the American Way of Life, where you buy in bulk and don’t cuss when talking about your kids to others.  I went to Costco to try the whole “stocking up” thing, as after unpacking my kitchen stuff that came in the air shipment, I still had three empty cabinets, so room to store, right?

Exactly what does one do with a 4 lb jar of salsa?  Why do we need a 100 pack of pizza rolls?  Why were the packages of Kerrygold butter the smallest thing in the store?  Those should have been bigger.

I then came home with my 72 cereal bars and industrial pack of organic chicken breasts, filled up the empty cabinets and realized if I’m going to keep shopping at Costco, I’m going to need a bigger freezer.  I could barely get the 24 pack box of corn dogs in the freezer.

FYI – my children have been od’ing on corn dogs.  They don’t make them in Ireland.  The kids had corn dogs and watermelon for dinner last night.  They were happy kids.

The puppies are adjusting well after flying and being cooped up in a townhouse.  Zoey has never really seen a squirrel.  Foxes, yes.  But not squirrels.  Squirrels are now the New Big Threat and she goes ballistic when one crosses past our big floor to ceiling picture window.  We have to close the blinds in the downstairs family room because she woke us up barking one morning at 6 am.  A squirrel was spotted on the fence.

Sky is not as interested in squirrels.  She’s too busy finding puddles of sunlight to lay in and gathering up every twig and moss and pine needle on the ground to bring in via her long hair.  Tiny dog is about to get a trim.  I’m tired of picking pine needles out of her hair.

And that’s pretty much life.  Go to store.  Buy necessary stuff.  Come home after cursing in traffic.  Throw food at kids.  Pick pine needles out of dog hair.  Vacuum rug.  Realize I forgot something, make new list, go to store, buy more stuff to bring home.  Fill forms out for school.  Fill forms out for doctors.  Fill more forms out for school.  Fill forms out for dogs.  Fill forms out at gym.  Tell the Target people that no, I can’t sign up for a Red Card, I have no checks (seriously, what kind of archaic system is that?  Checks? – that’s cheque’s for you Irish friends.)   Come home, throw more food at kids.  Marvel over how quickly the washer and dryer work – seriously, still a surprise every time.  Do dishes.  Realize I’ve missed a form.  Wonder if the form readers appreciate my block lettering, as I learned in Ireland that all forms must be filled out in block lettering.  Wonder why the radio stations don’t have a more diverse play list as I sing along to Pink’s “Learn to Love Again” for the fourth time that hour.  Be happy that I at least like the songs they keep in constant rotation.  Be even happier that I can still use  my Irish station’s app to live stream their station for my more diverse listening pleasure.  Make another list for the next day.

And so it goes.  Still getting settled, still arranging things, still looking forward to schools starting so I have some quiet time for myself.  Ah, quiet time.

But for today, there are phone calls to be made, meetings to go to, and food stuff to buy.

And more coffee.  There will need to be more coffee.