The Meet & Greet

So the IEP wasn’t an IEP but just a “Hi there, we’re the team, nice to meet you.”

Alrighty then.

I was running late – something about a dog who decided since she couldn’t go through the fence, she’d dig under it, and taking Maura last minute and “Hey, we have time for the Starbuck’s drive-thru conveniently located on our way…oh crap, road construction…” – but we made it.

To be met with a room full of people with laptops.

Oh…hiya…this is how we roll, frappicinos in hand, five minutes late.

Might as well get to know the real us, right?

There was a slew of introductions – special ed director, people from the high school(?), nurse, therapists, psychologist (she’ll be working with Maura) – all seemed nice and friendly.  They asked questions, I answered, Maura was Uber Friendly and Chatty, babbling at them until I shoved my phone at her to quiet her down.

Twenty minutes later, it was “Well thanks for coming, we’ll be in contact soon.”

I didn’t expect it to be that short on my part.  Weird.  And no one offered me a cup of tea.  I got used to being offered a cup of tea at such things.  But we’re no longer in Ireland, where everything comes with a cup of tea and a biscuit or chocolate.

So now, we wait for emails and phone calls and dates for evaluations.  Because I’m not allowed to sit at home anymore.  Every day I wake up and think “Today I will hang up MY clothes and organize MY room” – and then it’s 10 pm and I could care less about organizing.

School’s gotta start some time, right?  And I’ll have more time then, right?  Right?  RIGHT???