Lessons for the SNP (Special Needs Parent)

Okay, I’m going to start a new segment in these parts, Lessons for the Special Needs Parent.  AKA, stuff I screw up and other people can learn from.

Today’s lesson is on medical files.

So say you need to find a new doctor because of a move.  You have your own copy of your child’s medical records, of which you have faithfully gathered and carried across two countries and an ocean, never losing a single piece, even when that precious one tried to play in them…

When you meet said new doctor’s clinic, they will want to copy said files.  Which is all that is good and right.  They will swear to give them right back to you, which is all that is proper.

Whatever you do, do NOT leave the office without said documents, even if you’re distracted by a shrieking 10 year old who is throwing her shoes because she had to give back the clipboard.

Because if you leave without them….after spending several days trying to track them down….

You’re handed photocopies of what you gave them…and the MRI cd is missing.

This will send everyone scurrying.

And then the next day, you may learn that the chain of pediatric offices has decided to go to an electric file system, so after scanning your files, they were sent to be shredded.


The good news is, they did locate the MRI cd.

But the moral of the story is, don’t leave the office without your records.  No matter how much the girl is shrieking and throwing stuff.  Or how tired and drained you are.  Or the fact that getting back the medical records wasn’t even near your brain matter at that point, because that section of the brain that contained this knowledge had already oozed out from all the shrieking.

Just take a set, push your oozing brain back in, and get the records.  Save yourself the days of phone tag and all.  No one needs to find out – before coffee – that the medical records she has guarded closely and put in her carry on for even safer keeping have possibly been shredded.

(There is a chance the shredder truck hadn’t been to the office since Maura’s records were copied, they are currently searching through things to figure it out.  Meanwhile, I have at least the MRI to pick up.)

And that concludes today’s lesson.  Next time, I’m just giving them copies of my copy.

This handy tip could probably also apply to IEP’s and the like…

ETA – They have found the originals – we like this woman lots who took the time to find them