Poor SpongeBob

Yesterday, my husband took me to Michael’s, that mecca of silk flowers and hobbies, for some art supplies.  I managed to go by all the scrapbooking and stickers and little acorns and beading aisles full of sparkle glitter until we made our way to the art supplies.

So there we were, looking at acrylics, and down the aisle from us are three college studenty looking people – two guys and a girl.  The girl is all serious, looking at different paints.  The guys are meandering.

And then, the one guy exclaims “Wow, sea sponges!  Are these made from, like, real sea sponges?”

As I’m doing my best not to snicker at the guy, my husband says quietly “Yes, they killed SpongeBob.”

I had to leave the aisle to laugh.

Poor SpongeBob.