Our dog has never seen a squirrel before we moved her here.

Needless to say, she is now obsessed with protecting the household from these nefarious creatures, alerting us every time she spots one of them dares to enter her sightlines, no matter what time of day it is.  Six in the morning?  Not a problem for her.  She is always on the watch.

And lucky us, we got the house with all the windows.  It’s a multi-level house, which allows our Great Protector to race from front window to side window to back window to sliding door, up the stairs again to back window, back through the kitchen and down the stairs to sliding door, back up to the front window to see if the Bushy Tailed Creatures of Doom are attacking from the front again, and so on, and so forth, world without end, amen.

Needless to say, her constant state of high alert and squirrel-induced anxiety has gotten old.

My husband started throwing balled up socks at her one day.  I couldn’t find any socks today, so started hurling flip fops in her general direction (not AT her…just near her…).  She will stand, quiet, at the alert – then suddenly start barking loudly at the creatures.  We’re trying to discourage this behavior because it’s causing US stress.  Every time she starts with that bark, Maura jumps, startled.

It is never ending.


Every. Single. Day.

Even better?  Now when she starts to bark, the teens yell her name a second later.

Yeah.  That helps.

This is all beginning to drive me to a special place of Batty that I didn’t know existed.

Meanwhile, the squirrels are not impressed.  One actually climbed into the planter box right in front of our big picture window.  The dog left a face print on the window, she ran at the squirrel so fast.

Okay, that was funny.  And she hasn’t gone face first into the window again.

Otherwise – I am over this.

She’s not though.

She may never be.