It’s official

We have too much stuff.

Or at least, it seems like we have too much stuff.  Probably because it’s all over the place, spewing out of boxes and bins, covering all surfaces, hiding around corners waiting to trip us, piled here, there, everywhere, and other places as well.

Yes – our shipping container arrived.

We’ve been living the minimalist lifestyle for the past eight weeks, having just enough to survive, holding off on getting anything because it was most likely on its way to us anyway.  People would walk into our house and go “Wow, it’s SO big!”

Now they’d probably say “Holy *#&@!”.

The husband and I have been walking around for two days going “It’ll be okay.  This is just temporary.”

But really?  Holy @*#&!

The company moved us.  So people were arranged on the Dublin end to pack it all up, and on the Seattle end to unload it all.  We did have an “unpacking service” – which really?  Was not worth it.  They were only able to unpack to flat surfaces.  Imagine five guys unpacking as fast as humanly possible without actually shaking out items from their wrappings, and that’s what happened.  I couldn’t keep up with them, so very quickly, all flat surfaces were covered and they were all “Whelp, that’s all we can do for now – buh-bye!”

They were nice, they put things where I asked, but they seemed to be ready to leave.

The bigger problem is that the Irish guys who unpacked us when we moved to Dublin did a stellar job.  Our house was livable after they left.  They left me with unrealistic expectations of the “unpacking service”.  This time around?  My house is a slight death trap.

It doesn’t help that things I sort of pre-organized on the Dublin side got unorganized.  Like the clothing I stored in the suitcases, that I put in blue Ikea bags so I’d have them ready to store again….those got taken out of the Ikea bags and put in the box….with clothes in the “the load I didn’t have time to wash” Ikea bag.

It’s a good thing I have a clothes dryer.

Or the stuff from the girls room?   That Miriam had sorted out into bins?  Yeah, they dumped the bins into boxes and then packed the bins separately.

No joke.

The oddest thing is that we found cookies in a box.  Two big chocolate cookies.  No, finding the cookies wasn’t the odd part – the odd part is that somehow, their were cookies to pack.  How did my lot miss those cookies?  Usually those kinds of cookies have a shelf life of 45 minutes in my house.

Now my new goal in life is finding a home for all these items laying about.    I can wonder how the heck we fit it all into the Dublin house while doing that.